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Monday, October 18

12:30 pm
to 2:00 pm

Microgrid Design and Development - Building Reliability and Resilience

Multiple technologies are being incorporated into today's microgrids, as end-users search for better ways to manage and ensure their energy supply, as well as control costs. This session will look at case studies of various microgrid configurations, the factors that led to their design and development, and the benefits for their end-users.

Juan Rodriguez, PE, MBA, PMP
Manager of Project Management for ComEd, Bronzeville Microgrid
Commonwealth Edison Company [ComEd]

2:15 pm
to 4:15 pm

Commercial and Industrial Distributed Generation - Supporting Sustainability and Achieving ESG Goals

Businesses are turning to distributed energy to make their operations more sustainable. Producing some if not all of their own power offers cost savings, and also charts a path for companies that have set ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals. This session will discuss the importance of distributed generation in the move toward sustainable business practices.

Michelle Gairdner
Manager of Energy &Environmental Services
City of Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada
Matthew Sachs
Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development
CPower Energy Management
Ben Jones
Vice President, Canopy Design Engineering
Distributed Solar Development (DSD)

Tuesday, October 19

8:00 am
to 8:45 am

Utility Transformation and Distributed Energy

· Utility transformation commitments and progress

· Who are the leaders and what steps are they taking?

· Role of distributed energy

· Recommendations to accelerate progress

Julia Hamm
President & CEO
Smart Electric Power Alliance

9:00 am
to 10:15 am

District Energy - Successful Approaches to Increasing Efficiency

Business districts and college campuses are increasingly looking at district energy projects to increase the efficiency, reliability, and resiliency of their power supply. This session looks at case studies of some noteworthy projects driving growth in the district energy sector.

Lincoln Bleveans
Executive Director, Sustainability & Energy Management, Energy Operations
Stanford University
Nik Koganti
Business/New Product Development Manager
Performance Pipe div of Chevron Phillips Chemical
Dell Doyle
Technical Service & Development Scientist
The Dow Chemical Company
Pat O'Leary
Sales Manager
Ferguson Water Works

10:30 am
to 11:45 am

Backup Power Generation - Protecting Your Assets and Ensuring the Power Supply

The impact of natural disasters on electricity users seemingly grows each year, and commercial, industrial, and residential customers all want to increase the reliability and resilience of their power supply. This session looks at some of the options available to provide backup power that can keep the lights on in emergency situations.

Roundtable Moderator
Allan Schurr
Chief Commercial Officer
Enchanted Rock

11:00 am
to 6:00 pm

1:00 pm
to 2:00 pm

Virtual Power Plants and More -- Integrating DERs Into the Grid

Virtual power plants (VPPs) are offering support to the traditional power grid, using distributed generation assets. Unlike microgrids, which are usually in off-grid settings, VPPs can cover a wide area, using available generation managed by aggregation software to provide the same services as a traditional power plant--but without the need to build that physical plant. This session will discuss the design, development, and growing adoption of VPPs, as well as other efforts to integrate distributed energy resources (DERs) into the grid.

Sangeeta Ranade
Vice President, Clean Energy Solutions
New York Power Authority
J.T. Thompson
Vice President Enterprise Accounts

2:15 pm
to 3:15 pm

Financing Your Power Project

The first step toward development of any distributed energy project is securing financial support. Experts in financing clean energy and distributed generation installations will discuss the best practices when it comes to identifying investors, and investment opportunities, for utilities and others seeking to deploy microgrids, cogeneration, and more.

3:30 pm
to 5:00 pm

Technologies for SMRs and microreactors

Nuclear energy's importance as a zero-emissions generation source has accelerated the research and development of new reactor technologies, with small modular reactors and microreactors at the forefront. SMRs and microreactors can bring electricity to remote communities that are without access to power, and provide electricity for field operations in several industries, including mining and oil and gas exploration. Experts in the design and deployment of small reactors provide their insight and expertise on the state of the industry.

Clint M. Medlock
Project Manager
Southern Nuclear Development
Michael Valore, PMP
Sr. Director - Advanced Reactor Commercialization Energy Systems
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC
Marc Nichols
Senior Director, New Reactors
Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

5:00 pm
to 6:30 pm

Wednesday, October 20

8:00 am
to 8:45 am

Energy Transition to Distributed Generation and the Importance of Secure Cloud Computing

• The global energy transition and forces of disruption • Resourcing a clean and resilient power system • Next-generation power networks and the role of digital grid orchestration • Lessons learned from Microsoft's own DG Journey

Scott Harden
Chief Technology Officer, Energy
Microsoft Corporation

9:00 am
to 10:15 am

Energy Storage - A Game-Changing Techology for Distributed Generation and Electrification

Energy storage could be the most important power system technology of the moment, as it helps balance the addition of renewable energy to the grid, and furthers advancement of the move toward electrification. This session offers insight into how battery technology is evolving, how storage supports renewables, and why utilities are adding storage to their generation portfolios.

Joel Dystra
Fuels and Reliability Specialist
Black & Veatch

10:30 am
to 11:15 am

Technologies and Control Systems for Commercial Buildings

More businesses are taking control of their energy needs by installing distributed generation to power their offices. This session looks at how the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) into building management software (BMS) systems facilitates increased energy efficiency for commercial and industrial enterprises--and why it should be part of any C&I development discussion.

Tom Drake
Sr. Sales Manager Gas Power Systems and Microgrids
Rolls Royce / MTU
Thilo Janssen
Manager of Engineering - PE
Bandera Electric Cooperative

11:00 am
to 6:00 pm

1:00 pm
to 3:00 pm

Microgrids - A Look at Game-Changing Projects

Microgrids and mini-grids are being developed worldwide to provide reliable, resilient power, both for business operations and entire communities. Remote areas without access to electricity are using the technology to obtain power and enable economic growth; field operations for a variety of industries are receiving power from microgrids. Regions prone to blackouts, and at increased risk from natural disasters, are embracing micro- and mini-grids as a way to ensure a reliable electricity supply. This session looks at several successful installations.

3:15 pm
to 4:45 pm

EV Adoption--How Utilities and Businesses are Planning for the Road Ahead

The transportation sector is a key driver of the trend toward electrification. What does that mean for utilities and power generators, who must account for the increased demand for electricity as more drivers buy electric vehicles, and more cities and businesses adopt electric vehicle fleets? This session looks at what some businesses are doing now, and how they're planning for future growth.

Kimberly Okafor
Strategic Business Development Manager/Trillium
Loves Travel Stops
Jigar Shah
Manager, Distributed Energy and Grid Services
Electrify America

4:30 pm
to 6:00 pm

Thursday, October 21

8:00 am
to 9:45 am

HydrogeNext - Handling, Storage and Transportation

Hydrogen's unique qualities mean that it can present logistical and safety challenges that must be overcome to reach widespread adoption in the energy sector. This session will explore ways the industry can address such challenges, including metal embrittlement, flammability and leakage.

Kimberly Okafor
Strategic Business Development Manager/Trillium
Loves Travel Stops

10:00 am
to 11:30 am

Technology to Increase the Value of Distributed Generation Assets

A variety of technologies, both software and hardware, are involved in distributed power generation. This session looks at a variety of these technologies, with information about their use and their benefits.

Johan Ulloa
Manager, Distributed Energy and Energy Efficiency Sales
Constellation Power Generation - CPG
Greg Tanck
Asset Management Services Group
Black & Veatch