Agenda Overview

The conference will focus on real-life applications of DERs, providing insight and information about renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, energy storage, microgrids, combined heat and power (CHP), generators, microturbines, and hybrid systems utilizing a variety of technologies. The event also delves into the business and financial aspects of distributed generation, including the emerging world of blockchain.

  • Renewable Energy Options
    • Solar Power (advanced inverter functionality, storage, interruptible load, direct load control, behavioral load shaping, inverters/panels/batteries/chargers/controllers)
    • Wind Power (turbine design, environmental impacts, onshore and offshore)
    • Diesel and Gas Generators (gensets)
  • Energy Storage
    • Hybrid Systems (solar+storage, solar+hydro, wind+storage, solar+hydro+storage, and more)
  • Microgrids
    Microgrids can use a number of generation sources, either singularly or in combination: solar, wind, battery storage, natural gas or diesel-fueled generators, biomass, geothermal, hydrogen-based fuel cells—or even small modular nuclear reactors.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Electric Vehicles (e-mobility)
  • Regulatory/Policy
    • Environmental
    • Permitting (regulatory)
    • Grid Interconnection
  • Financial Issues
    • Blockchain
    • Financing
    • Rate Design and Compensation (metering, rates, tariffs, balancing authority)
  • Demand Response/Demand Management
  • Cybersecurity and Physical Security

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