2021 Call for Papers - Distributed Energy Conference 2021 Call for Papers - Distributed Energy Conference

2021 Call for Papers

2021 Call for Papers

POWER magazine continues to explore the rapid growth of decentralized, distributed power generation, which is changing the way electricity is produced and supplied worldwide. It’s literally a generational change—today’s utilities are adapting to a new landscape, with new business models, and learning how to work with customers who today produce their own power.

Our 2021 Distributed Energy Conference will provide new perspectives on the utility-customer relationship, along with discussion of innovative distributed energy technologies such as nuclear microreactors, the rise of energy storage, offshore wind, and growth in commercial and industrial generation.   If you know of a speaker or topic that would fit this agenda please submit today.

Submission Topics for Consideration:

Technology Solutions

  • Solar (and solar+storage)
  • Wind (and wind+storage)
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Energy Storage (design & development)
  • Battery Technology (lithium-ion, etc; faster charging, greater capacity, safety considerations)
  • Small Nuclear (modular reactors and microreactors)
  • Demand Response (utility programs and more)
  • Geothermal (as part of district energy, commercial & industrial)
  • Biomass
  • Thermal (for backup power generation, diesel/natural gas, fuel cells)

Financial Solutions

  • Project Design, Development, and Cost
  • Project Financing
  • Investment Opportunities in Distributed Generation Projects
  • Value of Resilience
  • DER Marketplace (integrating DERs into electricity wholesale and retail markets)
  • Sustainability (corporate and/or utility initiatives)

Case Studies (please include the end-user or users)

  • Commercial & Industrial Projects
    • District energy projects (business districts, industrial complexes, college campuses, hospitals and healthcare facilities, data centers, etc.)
    • CHP projects (college campuses, hospitals and healthcare facilities, etc.)
    • Other C&I installations such as military bases and data centers
  • Utility-Scale Solar and Wind, including those paired with storage, that can be par of power purchase agreements (community solar)
  • Projects in the Pipeline (specifically projects incorporating new designs and technology)
  • Project Design and Construction
  • E-Mobility (electric vehicles, charging stations, utility programs to incentivize EV adoption)
  • Microgrids (financing, design, technologies, management systems, nanogrids)

Other Hot Topics

Things to keep in mind:

Abstract Proposal
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Audience Participation (How will you engage the Audience...) *

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