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2021 Keynote Speakers

Hanna Grene
Director for Energy Industry & Sustainability
Microsoft Corporation

Julia Hamm
President & CEO
Smart Electric Power Alliance

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Featured Topics


District energy systems are an efficient way to heat and cool multiple buildings in a specific area. Systems are in use to power downtown business districts, industrial complexes and other commercial areas, and to serve hospitals, military bases, and more. Learn how some cities are utilizing district energy to serve their businesses.


College and university campuses are facing challenges when it comes to their energy costs. They are dealing with limited budgets, while looking at an energy future that involves moving away from fossil fuels and toward renewables. Campuses want to align with sustainability goals, cutting their greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing their carbon footprint. We’ll hear from schools that have developed ways to generate power to enable reliability and resilience while controlling costs.


Businesses that need to minimize or eliminate power outages, and want control of their energy costs, increasingly turn to combined heat and power (CHP) systems and on-site power systems. Hear from commercial and industrial end-users about their experience with CHP installations and on-site systems to power their operations.


Residential and business customers for years have recognized the value of rooftop solar. But not everyone has access to that power. Enter community solar, which provides households and businesses the economic and environmental benefits of solar power—and provides utilities a way to get electricity from solar power to areas that otherwise couldn’t receive it.


Analysts have said energy storage could be a $600-billion-plus industry in the next two decades. It also holds the promise of dramatically increasing the adoption of renewables, with an ability to store excess wind and solar power. Many solar and wind projects, in addition to microgrids, are incorporating storage into their design. This session looks at the impact of energy storage on the power landscape and its role in distributed generation.


Microgrids offer an “all of the above” approach to distributed generation, incorporating a variety of technologies into their design. Learn how microgrids are designed and operated, including their use of renewable power sources, battery energy storage, diesel and gas generator sets, microturbines, and fuel cells.


Experts in financing distributed power generation, including commercial and industrial projects and utility-scale renewables, will discuss how to secure support for your project, whether your goal is to enter into a power purchase agreement with a utility, sell your power to a business, or provide power to your own commercial or industrial enterprise.


A virtual power plant is a network of decentralized, medium-scale power generating units such as wind farms, solar parks, and combined heat and power (CHP) units, as well as flexible power consumers and storage systems. The virtual power plant (VPP) model of DER aggregation and optimization is spreading around the globe to respond to the need for increased grid reliability and to lower the cost of renewable energy.

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First cross-sectoral, heat-pump solution – MAN ETES (Electro-Thermal Energy Storage) – will decarbonise heat supply in Esbjerg using renewable energy. Gunnar Kilian – member of the Board of Volkswagen and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of MAN Energy Solutions – and Dr Uwe Lauber – CEO, MAN Energy Solutions – have visited Esbjerg, Denmark, where […]

The post MAN Energy Solutions to Provide Climate-Neutral District-Heating to Danish City appeared first on POWER Magazine.

Residential applications for smart grid technologies continue to grow as electricity customers take more control of their energy usage and costs. Homeowners with rooftop solar have been selling power back to the grid for years, and more opportunities for power customers are coming as electric vehicle owners tap into the market via energy storage. Homeowners […]

The post ‘Smart Grid Ready’ Generator Changes Game for Backup Power appeared first on POWER Magazine.

Record Growth Continues for Renewable Energy Projects

The pace of installations of renewable energy projects across the first six months of 2021 hit a new high for the sector, according to a report released Aug. 24 by the American Clean Power Association (ACP). ACP, which works with solar, wind, energy storage and power transmission companies to promote renewable energy, said the U.S. […]

The post Record Growth Continues for Renewable Energy Projects appeared first on POWER Magazine.

The proliferation of renewable energy is necessary for communities and countries to meet their goals of reducing carbon emissions, but it also presents new challenges for those managing power distribution. Much of the world’s renewable energy is now generated and stored by distributed energy resources (DERs), such as residential solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles […]

The post Not Always Plug and Play—Challenges Utilities Face Managing DERs on Their Grids appeared first on POWER Magazine.

Illuminating the Dark Side of the Smart Grid


The benefits of smart grid technologies and data-driven management are well understood. Using open protocols to control energy resources, extract information, and optimize responses can enable enormous productivity and stimulate new services. Similarly, the accumulation of data can inform better planning for a more resilient grid. But, as explained in “The Dark Side of the […]

The post Illuminating the Dark Side of the Smart Grid appeared first on POWER Magazine.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is an independent agency that, among other things, regulates the interstate transmission of electricity. Its ultimate mission is to “Assist consumers in obtaining economically efficient, safe, reliable, and secure energy services at a reasonable cost through appropriate regulatory and market means, and collaborative efforts.” In the past, FERC has […]

The post Leveling the Market Playing Field for Hybrid Power Plants appeared first on POWER Magazine.

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